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Create Card

To create a card, simply click on the “New” button in the Cards section. This will open up a blank card which you can populate with text, images, videos, and references in order to emphasize and give weight to your card. You can use any of the images you added to the Card as a cover, otherwise, the facts you listed on the card itself will be shown in the preview.

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Once you add an image or write down your Fact, you can easily add a reference to either a document in your library or to one of the millions of publications available on MedLine.

After saving your changes, you can easily arrange all facts by clicking on the 3-dot menut and choosing “Rearrange” after which you can drag and drop all facts by moving their number above or below a different fact.

To edit a Card, simply click on the Edit button designated by the pen symbol.

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Use the three-dot menu to access additional options.