1.5 Document Viewer

1.5.1 Viewer Layout:

In the viewer, your document is displayed alongside a right sidebar that can be easily opened and closed.

On the left side, you can toggle the preview panel for quick access to document pages.

The control icon offers various viewing and editing options.

Zoom in, zoom out, and navigate pages in an enlarged view from here.

Viewer Toolbar

1.5.2 Document Interaction:

Selection Toolbar

Use the arrow tool to select text. After selecting text, a menu appears, allowing you to copy, highlight, underline, or strike out the text. You can also copy the text to a Card as a fact.

Highlight menu

Annotations, such as highlights and underlines, are displayed in the annotation tab of the right sidebar.

Helpful tooltips explain each tool's function when you hover your mouse over an icon.

View your annotations

1.5.3 Enhancing Productivity:

Capture screenshots of images by clicking the Clip image icon; the images are added to the annotation sidebar.

Clip tool in Elumity

Easily highlight or underline text for reference and note-taking; these annotations are visible in the annotation panel.

Access further options for annotations under the 3-dots menu, including the ability to convert annotations into Q&A.

Further options behind the context menu

Add sticky notes to your document by clicking the note icon, which also appears in the right sidebar.

Efficiently search for specific content within the document using the search function.

Note tool

1.5.4 Annotations and Cards:

In the right sidebar, you'll find two tabs: "Annotation" and "Card."

Annotations have already been introduced. Now, let's explore the "Card" panel.

Cards tab in the Viewer

Elumity cards are designed to summarize facts on a topic, simplifying and expediting knowledge organization.

1.5.5 Creating Elumity Cards:

Select the chapter from your chapter tree where you want to create a card. If none is selected, the current library chapter is chosen by default.

Chapter selection inside the Cards tab

Use the blue + button in the upper right corner to create a new card.

Create your card inside the Viewer

A title is required before adding any facts.

You can add facts manually by typing or selecting text or images directly from the PDF document.

To add a fact via text selection, choose a text passage using the selection, highlighting, or underlining tool. Click the + icon "add to card" to add the selected text to the fact box, complete with an automatic reference.

Create your card without leaving your document

The "clip image" tool serves a similar purpose for adding images.

Manually added facts can also include references if desired.

For manually adding references, multiple options are available depending on your library's contents.

Choose to add the selection to the current fact or the next one.

No manual saving is necessary; Elumity cards are automatically saved.

An undo option is available for reverting your last action on the card.