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Public Cards

Publicly published cards appear under the Public menu in the left sidebar. The Public view is a great way to find news and information about current happenings in the world of Medicine, as well as to follow and connect users whose research interests you.

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In the Public menu you can click on the Share button to share the card to social networks, allowing your colleagues, friends and family members to see what new discoveries are being made in the world, all in an easily digestible format.

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Click on the Like button if you would like to suppor the creator of the card and to bring more awareness to it from inside the platform.

Click on the Copy button to copy the card you want to your Library. You can access all cards you’ve saved this way

Click on the Follow button if you would like to follow all future updates from this particular creator and to be notified when they publish new Elumity Cards.

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In order to publish one of your very own Elumity Cards, use the three-dot menu from within the Cards view and select “Publish”. This will automatically add your card to the pool of public Elumity Cards which users can find by browsing the Public page.