2.3 Cards - Left Sidebar

2.3.1 Chapter Tree:

The chapter tree is a fundamental part of the left sidebar, present in all Elumity modules.

It provides a structured view of your content, including documents, references, cards, and quizzes.

Customize your chapters to create a logical organization that suits your needs.

The Cards Sidebar

2.3.2 Specialty Name:

Above the chapter tree, you will see the name of your chapter tree.

If you choose to use the predefined chapter tree, your specialty will serve as the name.

2.3.3 Chapter Customization:

Below the specialty name, you'll find your chapters and subchapters.

Customize these chapters to match your content structure.

Add, delete, or rearrange chapters as required.

Use the re-arrange mode to easily change the order of chapters.

2.3.4 3-Dots Menu:

Throughout Elumity, you will notice 3-dots icons that signify additional functions.

Access more options and actions related to chapters, folders, and content under this menu.

2.3.5 Adding and Managing Chapters:

Within the 3-dots menu, you can add, rename, re-arrange, or delete chapters.

Create both folders and subfolders to further organize your content effectively.

To re-arrange chapters, click and drag them to their desired positions.

Collapse or expand chapters based on your preference.

2.3.6 Chapter Filter:

Easily locate specific chapters using the chapter filter.

Streamline your navigation by searching for and displaying only the chapters that match your criteria.

2.3.7 Viewing Options:

Customize how you view filtered chapter hits with the available viewing options.

Choose to see the entire chapter tree, only branches with search hits, or just the search hits themselves.

2.3.8 Sidebar Control:

You can close and open the sidebar using the toggle located here.

Adjust the sidebar's width to optimize your workspace according to your preferences.

2.3.9 Additional Sidebar Items:

Above the chapter tree and specialty name, you'll find three more items: Lounge, Peer Groups, and Inbox.

These items provide access to specific features within Elumity:

Lounge: Access and explore publicly shared content.

Peer Groups: Collaborate with other users on cards and access collaborative content.

Inbox: Manage cards received from friends and colleagues, review notifications, and move cards to your desired chapters.

Additional sidebar items

2.3.10 Collaborative Features:

Elumity facilitates collaboration by allowing users to send cards to friends and colleagues.

Invitations to collaborate can be found in the "Peer Groups" section of the left sidebar.

Notifications of new collaboration invitations are indicated by a red dot.

When you receive a new card, you can accept or decline the collaboration request.