2.5 Cards - Lounge

The Public section of Elumity Cards, also known as "Lounge," is a space where you can discover and engage with cards created by your peers. This documentation will walk you through the functions and features available within the Lounge, making it easier for you to explore, interact with, and contribute to the collective knowledge.

The lounge

2.5.1 Browsing and Searching:

In the LOUNGE, you will find cards created by other users within the Elumity community.

You can conveniently search for specific cards and sort them based on your preferences.

2.5.2 Card Details:

Each card in the Lounge provides essential information, including the number of facts, the main topic, the card title, the name of the author(s), and the creation date.

Card details

2.5.3 Interacting with Cards:

At the bottom of each card, you'll find three key indicators for user interactions.

Card details
  • Left Indicator: Displays the number of users who have found the card useful and saved it. Click the save symbol to save the card and select a destination chapter.
  • Middle Indicator: Shows how many users have recommended the card to colleagues. Click this indicator to recommend the card to others.
  • Right Indicator: Indicates the number of users following the authors of the card. This count represents the combined followers of all authors.

2.5.4 Multi-Card Selection:

Hovering your mouse over a card allows you to select multiple cards by ticking the checkbox.

Multi-card selection

The selected card count is displayed for your reference.

You can perform actions like copying or recommending multiple selected cards with ease.

2.5.5 Filtering Options:

The LOUNGE offers several filtering options to help you navigate your cards effectively.

  • Click "Saved" to view all the cards you've saved within your Elumity gallery. The name next to the fact indicator shows the directory where you've saved each card.
  • Click "Published" to access the cards you've published.
  • Click "Following" to explore cards authored by users you are following and view their contributions.
  • Click "Recommended" to discover cards recommended to you by friends and colleagues.

2.5.6 Viewing Full Card:

Double-clicking on a card opens the full card view, allowing you to explore its contents in detail.

Cards full view

It's essential to note that Elumity cards are copyright-protected for their authors. While you can save cards to your collection, you cannot modify the content of these cards unless you’re invited to collaborate on it.