2.4 Cards - Functions

2.4.1 Card Opening:

Cards can be opened in two ways: by double-clicking on them or by selecting "Edit" from the 3-dot menu.

Note that when a card is copied from the Lounge, the number of available functions may be limited.

Opening a card

2.4.2 Copy / Move:

Clicking on "Copy / Move" opens a modal that allows you to select the chapter where you want to paste the card(s).

This function is useful for organizing and relocating your cards within Elumity.

2.4.3 Collaboration:

Collaborating on a card involves adding authors. You can specify your colleague's name and affiliation, and Elumity will search for them within its user base.

Collaborate in the context menu

If your colleague isn't on Elumity, you can enter their email address.

Enter an email

Collaboration grants all authors the ability to edit the card, and updates are visible to all authors.

You can accept or decline collaboration offers and decide where to place the card.

2.4.4 Sending a Card:

If you simply want to send a card to someone, click on "SEND" and provide the recipient's information.

Send in the context menu

Elumity sends the card with your name as the author, and you can edit the author's name, affiliation, and order.

Similar to collaboration, you can send cards to colleagues for sharing and collaboration.

Enter email popup

2.4.5 Copy to Lounge:

The "Copy to Lounge" function is used to share your card with others on Elumity.

It allows you to contribute your knowledge to the platform and share your insights with the community.

Copy to Lounge in the context menu

2.4.6 Bookmark:

You can bookmark a card to easily find and access it later.

The filter function helps you locate bookmarked cards quickly.

2.4.7 Add to Quiz:

You can incorporate cards or individual facts into your quiz.

By clicking "add to quiz" and providing a question, Elumity generates a quiz card for the quiz module with the card as the answer.

2.4.8 Zoom-In and Zoom-Out:

Adjust the text size for better readability with "Zoom-In" and "Zoom-Out" options.

This feature is particularly helpful for detailed reading or overview purposes.

2.4.9 Add Keywords:

Enhance card organization by adding relevant keywords.

Adding keywords

Keywords make it easier to search for and categorize cards.

2.4.10 Move to Trash:

Unwanted cards can be moved to the trash.

Move a card to trash

Deleted cards can later be restored.

If a card cannot be placed back into its original chapter, you will be prompted to choose a new location, including creating a new chapter if needed.